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STARKEY (U.S.A Made) X Series 90 BTERICCIC 12 Channel Hearing Aid In Bangladesh


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The Starkey X series 90 is the middle technology tier of the three X series product portfolios form this popular US hearing aid manufacturer. Historically the middle technology tiers can be a very rewarding experience as they are typically the very best of what a manufacturer has to offer but slightly de-featured to provide a differential to the premium products and premium pricing. Hearing aid technology has progressed markedly since the advent of digital sound processing chips which first became commercially available in the mid 1990s and the incremental steps of technology are now becoming smaller while the manufacturers continue to bring products to market at a rapid rate. The implication of this is that yesterday’s top end technology quickly filters into today’s middle tier. The result for the end consumer, i.e. you & me, is that there can be real value for money with excellent benefits at mid price points. The Starkey X series 90 is a classic case of this.

The product has a 12 channel processing chip which is both fast and energy efficient providing the basis for complex sound processing algorithms as well as an improved battery life. Truly a win win!

We suggest that you make an appointment with your hearing aid audiologist and have a frank discussion about your needs, the environments you need hearing help in and how you intend to use the hearing aid. Then decide whether you will really benefit from a premium product like the X series 110 or whether you may get all the support you require (perhaps even more!) for the better value X series 90.

In summary: The X Series is Starkey’s most advanced line of digital hearing aids boasting all the performance features and options you could possibly want, including Voice iQ2 our leading noise reduction and speech preservation system. The X Series 90 has even more channels and bands for even greater performance.


Key Features

>12 channels and 12 bands

>Up to 4 memories

>Selective speech and noise management

>Basic background noise control

>Self Learning

>Enhanced Feedback Eliminato

>Directional microphones

>Tone and voice indicators

>Interest free credit available.