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How to Get Hearing Aids?

The traditional process of getting hearing aids can be tiresome for many people. However, at Advanced Hearing, we make it super easy and convenient for you to improve your hearing. From scheduling all your appointments to making sure you find the perfect devices, we take care of everything for you. Below are the steps you would normally take to find a suitable device and the advantages of letting us walk you through each one.

Step 1 – Get your hearing tested
Schedule an appointment with an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist and have your hearing tested. Some common types of hearing tests include: pure tone test, speech test, middle ear test.

**Advanced Hearing advantage**: First, one of our hearing consultants gives you free expert advice over the phone. If you like what you hear and want to move forward with us, we look for a specialist near you and schedule your hearing test appointment.

Step 2 – Choose your hearing aids
With the results from your test (also called an audiogram), the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will recommend specific hearing aids for you to choose from. Besides your audiogram, there are three important factors that go into choosing the right devices: the technology level you need, your lifestyle, your budget.
Once you decide on a pair of devices, you will have to schedule another appointment to have them fitted and programed.

**Advanced Hearing advantage**: In some cases, we can order the hearing aids beforehand, so you don’t have to come back to the office for a second time. This means your hearing aids will be ready for you at your appointment! Make sure to ask our hearing consultant if you qualify for this option.

Step 3 – Have your hearing aids fitted
As previously mentioned, once your devices have been ordered, you will have to return to have them fitted.

**Advanced Hearing advantage**: we give you 7 days to try them out risk-free. During this trial period, you can go back to the specialist’s office and have them fine-tuned so they meet your exact needs. If you’re not satisfied with the devices after 7 days, simply return them for a full refund. We do not charge any restocking fees unlike many other providers. In addition, most of our hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty!

Step 4 – Try them out in your everyday life
Enjoy your new hearing aids and experience all the sounds you’ve been missing out on. Reach out to your personal hearing consultant at any time should you have any questions.

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