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Free Online Hearing Test: Take a quick online hearing screening test

How’s your hearing? Do you think you might suffer from hearing loss? Take a free online hearing test here. The test is anonymous and does not require any email. The online hearing test allows you to quickly and easily determine the state of your hearing. In just 3 minutes, you can determine its sharpness. The result of a hearing test is called an “audiogram” and indicates a doctor’s prescription. Tutorial: YouTube | AIOVideo | FacebookLinkedin

Please Note: This test is not a clinical hearing test. For a more accurate result, we recommend you visit a Hearing Care Professional and get your hearing tested. The specialist, using the same method, refines the hearing parameters, which helps to select the hearing aid more accurately, taking into account the patient’s individual characteristics.

For the initial hearing test with an audiogram, a doctor’s presence is unnecessary. It is enough to use the program presented to us to do this.

A consultation with a hearing professional can help determine the type, cause and degree of your hearing loss. Click here to find an experienced provider near you.

If you suspect a sign of hearing loss, please call us at +8801755574799, +8801814091509 to schedule a hearing test appointment with a local hearing aid provider in your area.