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Your hearing aids should be as advanced as you are, which is why Unitron is continuously pushing the limits of hearing aid technology. Unitron puts the wearer at the center of their design process, focusing on what they can do to improve the individual’s day to day life. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Unitron’s hearing aids have developed throughout their history and what you can expect from their current offerings.


A Half-Century of Innovation

Unitron has its roots in, of all things, an electronics and television business run by three German immigrants living in Newfoundland, Canada in 1964. The three men, Fred Stork, Rolf Strothmann, and Rolf Dohmer, had, until that point, focused their efforts on tv and radio sales but soon saw hearing aids as a potential business expansion opportunity.

Since the hearing aid industry was a new one at the time, the trio set to work building their own hearing aids through trial and error, showing their new devices at trade shows, and working to improve their designs. Eventually, after a few years, they moved the company to Ontario, and the rest, as they say, is history.

These days, Unitron continues to make waves in the hearing aid industry, leading the way through the digitization of hearing aids in the 90s, when they developed the first digital chip – the Toccata chip. With the introduction of digital technology, Unitron has continued to push the limits of what’s possible in terms of innovation and functionality in hearing aids. Although they started small, Unitron is now a global leader in the hearing aid industry.

Revolutionizing Your Listening Experience

As one of the leaders in the digitization of hearing aids in the 1990s, it’s no surprise that Unitron continues to lead the way in innovation in the digital age. These days, Unitron hearing aids are chock full of technology that’s designed to give wearers the most natural and comfortable listening experience. Here are some of the technologies that you’ll find in a Unitron hearing aid:

Stay Up-To-Date With SpeechPro and SpeechZone
Unitron’s SpeechPro technology helps hearing aid wearers pick out speech in noise for a better grasp of a conversation. The technology helps the individual pick out where the sound is coming from for a more natural conversation, even in loud, challenging environments. Plus, with SpeechZone, listeners can zone in on speech even in a busy environment without ever having to adjust their hearing aids.

Spatial Awareness Technology
With Unitron’s new spatial awareness technology, wearers can feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings. This technology helps the individual quickly and accurately identify the direction of speech and where sounds are coming from through localization in space.

Log It All for Better Insight
Unitron knows that they can collect data about your listening experiences to help improve it in the future, which is why they use “Log It All’ technology to capture your listening data in context. This data can be used by your hearing healthcare provider to help you fine-tune your hearing aids using evidence-guided decision making for a better listening experience in the long term.

Unitron hearing aids

If you are looking for a hearing aid brand that works with cutting edge technology, then the Canadian Unitron is the brand for you. Unitron hearing aids are the smallest available on the market today. They are characterized by their size and appearance. The Unitron hearing aids are not only good, they also look good.

Unitron is part of Sonova, the market leader in hearing aids.

The mission of Unitron

Unitron wants to overcome the barriers that people experience as a result of their hearing loss. A mission that they live up to with every technological development they make to their Unitron hearing aids. The range of Unitron hearing aids consists of a combination of comfort, functionality, attractive aesthetics and a hearing aid that is as small as possible.

In addition, Unitron is also working to improve the world of all people with hearing loss. Part of the turnover therefore goes to their own charity (Hear The World) that helps people with hearing loss all over the world.

The models of Unitron

Unitron hearing aids have not gone unnoticed in the world of hearing aids. Unitron sells CIC, BTE and ITE hearing aids for all types of hearing loss. Anyone can walk around with a Unitron hearing aid because of this. The Unitron models that have won prizes in recent years are the Moxi Now, Stride M, Stripe , Moxi Fit and Moxi Kiss. The Unitron range consists of beautiful devices that stand out for their beautiful design, and also deliver great quality.

The power of Unitron hearing aids

Not only does Unitron have the smallest hearing aid in the world and they have been winning design awards for years, there is even more good news! The Unitron Hearing Instruments are mostly rechargeable. At night the hearing aid is charged and in the morning you can leave the room with a fully charged Unitron hearing aid. No longer do you have to replace the battery or see your hearing care professional to have a battery replaced. In addition, the Unitron hearing aids are characterised by their speech intelligibility, producing a clear and quiet sound, which is a great advantage for our customers.

Service from Advanced Hearing

Buying a Unitron hearing aid is very easy with Online Hearing Aid. Visit our shop in Bangladesh for a hearing test or send us your hearing test. Our hearing care professionals will then determine which Unitron model best suits your level of hearing loss. You will then visit our shop where we measure your hearing aid and adjust it correctly. Do you notice over time that your hearing deteriorates or that you hear something weird? Then of course you can always come back to us. Before you know it, you can also walk around with perfect hearing through the Moxi Now, Moxi Kiss or Moxi Fit from Unitron.

Unitron Hearing Aids

See all Unitron hearing aids here. Do you want to see more or less? Then use the filter and select only the hearing aids you want to see.

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