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Discover Hansaton Hearing Aids

It is common sense that active participation in social events is good for your mental and physical health. The German hearing aid manufacturer, Hansaton, recognized this early on and decided to apply this fact to the way they design hearing aids. For more than 50 years now, the guiding principle for this family business has been one thing: improve the quality of their customers’ lives. Inspired by their passion and their personal commitment to restore the joy of life with all its sounds, Hansaton is one of the leaders of modern and innovative hearing aids. Hansaton hearing aids are top quality, premium devices.

Advantage for You and the Environment

Traditionally, batteries supply the necessary power for hearing aids to work properly. Depending on their size, hearing aid wearers have to replace batteries regularly. The batteries for small and discreet hearing aids are typically 6mm in diameter. People with limited dexterity can find it difficult to replace batteries as they are quite small. However, Hansaton developed a way to solve this issue: design a hearing aid that does not require the user to replace the battery.

If that’s the case, how do you charge modern hearing aids like these? Most innovative hearing instruments use induction technology to keep them charged and in good working order. In other words, just like a rechargeable mobile device, you can charge your hearing aids overnight. For example, the Hansaton hearing aid model AQ 2G uses a charging station to recharge its internal battery. Just plug the hearing aids to the charging station and let them recharge while you shower, eat, or sleep! You can also use the charging station to clean and dry the hearing aids. A device that serves all your hearing needs.Thanks to manufacturers like Hansaton, people with hearing impairments don’t have to settle for hearing aids that require too much maintenance and are inconvenient to handle.

Acting for a Green World

Even though Hansaton hearing aids pride themselves in being one of the largest manufacturers, this company doesn’t stop at the mere production of hearing aid sytems. Hansaton is a member of the ETHIC IN BUSINESS Initiative, which is an alliance of several mid-size enterprises in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland advocating responsible and sustainable action within the business world. As a member of this Initiative, Hansaton focuses on making environmentally friendly batteries for their hearing aids. Moreover, Hansaton supports the Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet, which aims to raise awareness amongst children and adults about the issues of climate change and global justice. A nine-year-old boy from Germany first thought of this idea back in 2007, and within two years Plant-for-the-Planet has succeeded in planting more than a million of trees. The declared goal of this organization is to grow a billion new trees worldwide. Hansaton supports this endeavor by planting a new tree for each AQ hearing system purchased. With every purchase, you won’t just be improving your hearing but contributing to a better tomorrow.

Mini and Micro Hearing Aids for Maximum Discretion

With the continued advancements in hearing technology, modern hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller. So no one knows you are wearing hearing aids. Hansaton, and many other manufacturers like it, took advantage of this trend and started developing devices that are tiny yet powerful. For example, the Hansaton hearing aid, X-Mini, features an external receiver that is placed close to the eardrum. The advantage of this is that the hearing aid has more space in the housing. For the X-Mini hearing system, this translates to a built-in telecoil within its compact design, making it easier to have conversations over the phone with hearing aids while still being very comfortable. The X-Mini and X-Micro are available for Cemia, Sorino, and Inara models.

Cost of Hansaton Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing devices, this is the main question. No matter what manufacturer you choose, prices vary depending on several different factors. When buying a new medical product, it may be a good idea to carry out some research into the different technologies available and which is the most suitable for you. It is also important to have a realistic budget as that can help you with the choice of hearing aids.

Hansaton hearing aids, like other manufacturers are top quality products and are sold at different price levels. But, it is important to remember that you have to pay a higher price for a good quality product.

Hansaton and Choice of Hearing Aids

Hansaton have top of the range device that are suitable for all levels of hearing loss from moderate to severe. But, other than that and all the technologically advances devices such as the AQ 3G, they also have devices for other needs. People suffering from tinnitus can buy Hansaton hearing aid model; JamHD range which a BTE (behind the ear) device that offers support to people who have tinnitus. Other devices also come with a tinnitus care option giving a big choice to the user. Manufacturers like this, carry out research and introduce new devices year on year, giving their consumers the options they need when looking for the perfect hearing aid for them.

Top-Of-The-Line Hearing Aids with

Hansaton is just one example of a manufacturer that is doing more than just producing modern, advanced hearing aids. All the manufacturers that we work with carry additional accessories that complement your hearing aids. From wireless media streamers to smartphone apps, there is an accessory for every device. You can rest assured that we at have the perfect hearing aids for you. How do we know this? Because every device we offer is a top consumer-rated product and proven to improve hearing significantly.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; just head over to the customer testimonials page to read about how hearing aids have been changing the lives of some of our satisfied customers. To join this community of people who are no to hearing loss and yes to life, all you have to do is request a free consultation with one of our friendly hearing aid experts. There is no risk attached to this consultation. Our job is to simply assess your hearing situation and point you in the right direction – toward better hearing and a better quality of life. Call today!

Hansaton Hearing Aid Reviews

Hansaton’s hearing aid model AQ SLIM 3G is taking advantage of the latest battery technology in the hearing aid market. This rechargeable device comes with increased amplification performance and is available in three technology levels: first class, business class, and comfort class. With the AQ, you don’t have to worry about changing out dead batteries – these hearing systems can be recharged with the accompanied charging station. A fully charged device can run up to 20 hours. The AQ 3G hearing systems are not only easy to care for and maintain, but they also feature the latest chip technology by Hansaton, XearA. All the comfort and sound technology without the hassle.

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