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Starkey (U.S.A Made) Muse i1200 BTECICRIC 12 Channel Hearing Aid In Bangladesh


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About the Starkey Muse i1200 Hearing Aid

Muse is Starkey’s most popular hearing aid family. Built on Starkey’s new Acuity OS 2 operating system, the Muse family of hearing aids promises a more natural listening experience than ever before.

Muse makes several improvements over earlier Starkey hearing aids, so you can hear comfortably in challenging environments, more easily adapt to new sounds, stream phone, tv, and music in better quality, and enjoy live music the way it was meant to be heard.

The Muse i1200 hearing aid has 12 channels and is low-end technology from Starkey- which means it’s missing the important “ear-to-ear” feature, which allows the hearing aids to work together for wind noise management and background noise reduction. For this reason, the i1200 should be reserved for calm lifestyles. If you spend a fair amount of time outdoors or occasionally in restaurants, the Muse i1600 would be a better buy.

The Muse is a great choice for mild to profound hearing losses, as it can be worn open-fit (with a silicone dome in the ear), or with one of Starkey’s custom Absolute Power ear molds. However you choose to wear it, you can be sure of one thing- you’re going to get excellent sound quality with less feedback (whistling) than any other hearing aid on the market.