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Widex is one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers. The family business Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956. Meanwhile, Widex hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries and the company employs more than 4000 people worldwide. The Widex hearing aid is known for its user-friendliness and pleasant sound quality. The hearing aids are easy to use, of high quality, safe and reliable. Because of the quality and user-friendliness, users usually choose a Widex hearing aid again and again once they have had one. Widex users are very loyal to the brand!

With 4,000 employees around the world, Widex is one of the six major hearing aid brands in the industry today. The company has built a reputation for innovation and reliability. Widex hearing aids are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Based in Denmark, Widex operates production facilities in Denmark and Estonia.

Widex has developed several models and styles that you can buy at Online Hearing Aid. Need help choosing between Widex hearing aids? Feel free to contact us!

The mission of Widex

Widex hearing aids have a very high level of digital technology. This has earned Widex the reputation of being one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Widex was the first manufacturer with a digital in-ear device. This was a revolutionary technology. Widex’ mission is to provide the best hearing aids. Innovation comes first. The Widex hearing aids have the most advanced and natural sound. Thanks to Widex’ groundbreaking hearing aid technology, you can hear all the natural sounds around you again. Widex’ mission is to enable people to reconnect through their hearing aids and to communicate easily. They see helping people with the best hearing aids as their job.

History of Innovation and Reliability

Christian Topholm and Erik Westermann founded Widex in 1956 in a Denmark basement. The first Widex hearing aid fit in a pocket. In 1988, the company introduced its first digitally programmable hearing aid. The first digital in-the-ear hearing aid came out in 1995.

1990 saw a significant advance with the start of computerized manufacturing of individual hearing aid shells. This process allowed for more precise modeling processes, making hearing aids fit more precisely.

Widex recognized in 2009 that people with hearing loss need accessories to help them hear phones and televisions better. The company introduced its Dex line of assistive listening technology.

In 2019, Widex merged with Sivantos to form WS Audiology. For now, both hearing aid divisions operate with separate sales and manufacturing branches.

The Widex Philosophy

Widex operates according to six core values:

  • Customers First: They make sure that their processes and technology serve customers.
  • Pioneers: They are innovative engineers who look for new solutions to the problem of hearing loss.
  • Reliable: They create hearing aids that last and follow through on their promises.
  • Team Spirit: They work in collaborative teams.
  • Passion: They are passionate about helping the hearing-impaired.

The company has put their core values in action in constructing their eco-friendly headquarters building in Denmark. The building utilizes groundwater for heating and cooling and operates an energy-generating turbine.
When designing new hearing aid models and sound processing strategies, Widex engineers work to create the signature Widex Sound. Widex Sound strives to provide customers with a full spectrum of sound. Customers should hear soft sounds, while loud sounds remain comfortable. The sound quality should be natural.

Most Advanced Widex Technology Options

Widex product lines include the Beyond Made for iPhone hearing aids that stream audio from your smart phone into your hearing aids using 2.4 GHz technology. The Unique line of custom-shell and behind-the-ear hearing aids offer sophisticated sound processing. These hearing aids have a 108-dB dynamic range, making them capable of delivering a wide spectrum of sound to your ear.

In 2018, Widex introduced the Evoke, which relies on machine learning technology. Over time the hearing aid learns your listening preferences. This process reduces the need for the trial-and-error process of fine-tuning hearing aids in the hearing care professional’s office.

If you have difficulty hearing on the phone or listening to television, Widex offers the Dex line of accessories to stream sound from audio sources directly into your hearing aids.

Widex offers hearing aid models in a range from basic to premium technology. Your hearing care professional can help you select the right hearing aid for your needs and budget.

If you need your hearing aid programs adjusted, you can ask your hearing care professional to send you new programs remotely. The Widex Remote Care feature works with all Widex wireless hearing aids.

Widex has a battery-free hearing aid in development that operates on a fuel cell. You’ll be able to fully charge the hearing aid in only 20 seconds.

Over the past few years, Widex has developed several models. The most famous and new hearing aids are Widexevoke, Widex Beyond, Widex Dream and Widex Unique hearing aids. The Widex evokehas been specially developed for music lovers and bon vivants. Every sound is clearly audible again with this model, so you can listen to music very well again. The special thing about this model is that it is specially made for iPhone, with which you can adjust the settings of your hearing aid. Moreover, this is a self-learning hearing aid.

The new Beyond device, on the other hand, is also excellent for use with Android. Aren’t you so at home with smartphones? Then you can also buy the Widex remote control. Older models of Widex are Widex Unique Fusion and Widex Unique Passion. From the Unique series we still sell the Widex Fusion and Widex Passion.

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