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Tinnitus Masker

Can tinnitus hearing aids help?

Tinnitus can be described as a ringing sensation or whistling noise in the ears. It can be triggered by a sudden hearing loss, loud noise, circulatory disorders, stress or misalignments of the cervical spine or the temporomandibular joint. If the tinnitus lasts for at least three months, it is called chronic. More than half of all people with tinnitus also have hearing loss. In these cases, the use of tinnitus hearing aids with a so-called tinnitus masker has proven extremely effective at counteracting the unnerving beeping and whistling noise.

Tinnitus hearing aids can help you with more than just better understanding your surroundings. Devices with a tinnitus masker can also help with tinnitus and significantly alleviate its symptoms. This intelligent technology “superimposes“ the annoying beeps and beeps in the customer’s ear. After a while, both tinnitus and noise are filtered out by the brain and no longer perceived.

A tinnitus masker is built into various hearing aid models and generates a low level of noise.
The brain rates the tinnitus sound as unimportant over time causing you to no longer notice the sound.

Tinnitus Masker/ Tinnitus hearing aids: A remedy

A tinnitus hearing aid with a masker generates a constant noise that the patient perceives as pleasant. It is quieter than the tinnitus itself. The auditory pathway and thus the nerve pathway in the brain, which forwards auditory impressions, is calmed down. The brain has filter systems that classify sounds as important and unimportant. Due to the constant rushing of the masker, both the masker noise and the tinnitus noise are classified as unimportant after a while. The result: your tinnitus is no longer perceived by the brain.