Phonak Audéo V30-312 RIC Fully digital programmable 8 Channel Hearing Aid in Bangladesh

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Phonak Audéo V30

  • Audeo V30-312 RIC fully digital programmable Essential Class hearing aid.
  • Fitting range upto 100dBHL.
  • Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing loss.
  • Battery size 312. 8 Channels with 2 manual programs,
  • 2 auto programs and 3 streaming programs.
  • Gain range 72dBHL. AutoSense OS Essential, SoundRecover2,
  • Ultrazoom Essential, NoiseBlockEssential, WhistleBlock, auto Acclimatization,
  • Tinnitus Balance noisegenerator, Fully Wireless, BroadbandBooster, IP57 standard.
  • Remote compatibility, Bluetooth & TV Link II compatible.
  • It could be used with Phonak CROS II accessories.

About the Phonak brand

Phonak is a brand where modern technology, innovation and high quality standards are paramount. Phonak is a leading brand in the field of hearing aids, offering a solution for all hearing needs. The aircraft are mainly made in Switzerland.

About the hearing aid Phonak Audéo V30 or the Phonak Venture

– Phonak’s Venture series is a highly advanced hearing solution in which the Swiss company has focused on a sound experience that is as natural as possible.

– The Phonak Audéo V30 can be automatically adjusted to 2 different listening situations.

– The Phonak Audéo V30 has a tinnitus masker.

– The Phonak Audéo has a system to move trebles to the lower tones. This is particularly good for hearing losses where the high tones are so bad that amplification does not have the desired effect. Sometimes amplifying the sound can only create a tinny sound, of course you don’t want that.

– This hearing aid can also be connected to a mobile phone and the television by means of accessories.

– The V30 has an automatic microphone as an extra feature.

– This device is an inconspicuous hearing aid.

For whom is the Phonak Audéo V30

Phonak’s hearing aids, and especially the Venture series, are suitable for people who like to innovate. And of course they are very suitable for hearing impaired people who want as much comfort as possible. This hearing aid has been specially developed for people with mild to profound hearing loss.
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    Phonak Audéo V30-312 RIC Fully digital programmable 8 Channel

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