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Starkey E- Series 3 BTE Hearing Aid 4 Channels & 4 Bands (0-110 dB)


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STARKEY E- SERIES 3 BTE HEARING AID Starkey, an American manufacturer, identified a requirement for a budget range of hearing aids and as such in 2009, launched the E Series. With two levels of technology available, the E3 is the higher specification, with four sound processing channels. So, is this a good option? Although it has a higher specification than its counterpart and offers good quality sound, ultimately, this is an economy product that has been superseded by more advanced technology, such as Ignite 30, part of a range produced by Starkey. It comes in a number of styles: • Behind the Ear – (BTE) • Receiver in Canal – (RIC) • Completely in Canal – (CIC) • In the Canal – (ITC) • In the Ear – (ITE) Key Features: 4 Channels – sound processing is made easier with more channels to choose from, as your hearing aid can be programmed to suite your individual needs. Feedback Cancellation – reduces whistling and other annoying feedback. Sweep Technology – volume and memory settings can be altered by touch Automatic Telephone Response Sweep Technology Feedback Canceller Environmental Adaption Dynamic Directionality 4 Memories Standard Induction Coil Volume Control Voice Indicator.