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Danavox TERA 562 RIE CIC (9 Channel) Hearing Aid Bangladesh by Advanced Hearing Center.


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Danavox TERA 562 DW RIE is a digital programmable Receiver In Ear type hearing aid. Hearing Aid laced behind the ear and receiver placed in canal. It has 9 channel digital processing and 9 Band with 61 dB & 69dB gain receivers available. Battery size 312, Fitting range upto 100dBHL. Suitable for Mild to Profound hearing loss. It consists 4 Flexible and 3 Automatic programs, SDA Plus Feedback Guard, DIR Control / Adaptive Directionality, Wind Barrier, ComfortFIT, Spectra, SNR, Datalogging, In-situ Audiometry, Easy-On, Nano –coating, MagnetPro, DAI, Wireless Programming, Control Vox, Tele Vox, Micro Vox, Inter-Ear Processing / Duo Synchronization.