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Bernafon: Swiss technology

Hearing and understanding are basic needs of every individual. With Swiss innovation and high-quality products, Bernafon is uniquely situated to help people with hearing loss regain their quality of life and improve communication with family and friends. Bernafon hearing aids use state-of-the-art hearing technology to compensate for hearing loss while providing additional personal benefits like wireless connectivity for hands-free use of your mobile phone.

Bernafon has been developing high-quality hearing aids since 1946. The combination of continuously exceeding customer expectations, Swiss Engineering and precision technology ensure that the Bernafon brand is always in demand with our customers!

Bernafon believes in a world where there should be enough advanced technology available to address all types of hearing loss. This makes life with all types of hearing loss easier. The Bernafon hearing aids ensure that people hear and understand normally again.

The Bernafon hearing aid that put the brand on the map was the world’s first digitally programmable hearing aid. In one fell swoop, they took the entire hearing aid market into the digital age. The second hearing aid they caused a furore with was the Channel Free hearing aid. This is a Bernafon hearing aid with a new approach to signal processing. Difficult aspects of hearing aids such as the good transmission of high frequencies have been improved by this technology.

The section below contains general information about Bernafon and the hearing aids they offer. At, we offer hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers. However, this page is primarily for informational use and does not necessarily mean that we carry hearing from this particular brand. Nonetheless, we hope this brief overview of Bernafon hearing aids will give you a glimpse of the types of hearing aids that are currently available on the market.


Advanced technology from Bernafon

Music and certain elements of speech are often only perceptible in really high frequency ranges. With hearing loss, the natural ability to recognize those frequencies naturally can get lost. Modern, digital hearing aids help restore hearing in the high-frequency range. This feature is primarily helpful for speech recognition, but it can also improve the way you enjoy music.

But how exactly do hearing aids affect perception and the sound of music? With its unique technology ChannelFree™, the Swiss manufacturer Bernafon has caused a stir in this domain of hearing acoustics. In fact, the innovative technology for signal processing is especially suited for music. This allows the incoming audio signal to be used as a whole, without splitting it into multiple channels. High-pitched tones, which are essential for the harmonious perception of music, can be rendered naturally and without any loss of audio quality. The result is a significantly natural and rich sound.

Products from Bernafon

Well-known Bernafon hearing aids are the Zerena 7, Zerena 5, Saphira 3 and the Nevara 1. The design characterizes these striking, playful and fashionable hearing aids. However, most Bernafon hearing aids can be worn in the ear and most models are therefore almost invisible. All Bernafon hearing instruments feature an ergonomic fit and high-quality sound. You’ve never heard highs and lows so well!

Bernafon hearing instruments can be connected to Apple and Android products. This allows you to communicate directly with your mobile device. In addition, this hearing aid brand also has several wireless hearing accessories in its range that make everyday life even easier!

Bernafon hearing aid features

Depending on the performance level, Bernafon hearing aids are equipped with Audio Efficiency™ technology and feature numerous functions that work in unison, enabling the wearer to experience sound clearly in any environment. This includes functions that improve speech comprehension, ensure maximum hearing comfort in loud environments, and eliminate audio feedback before it becomes problematic.

The “BeFlex” technology is a new feature designed to facilitate the customer fitting process. The advantage: the audiologist or hearing aid specialist can program the tester device to work with basic, mid-range, or premium features. This allows the client to switch between the different classes, giving you a better feel of which setting works best for you. This not only saves time and effort, but also brings you closer to a life without hearing loss.

Phone and TV connectivity

Bernafon hearing systems from the Chronos and Acriva series can connect wirelessly to other devices via the Bluetooth interface called SoundGate. With an additional TV-adapter, the television sound can also be received wirelessly via the hearing aids, without any annoying background noise but with superior sound quality. You can also connect a landline phone to the hearing aids with a special phone adaptor.

Thanks to SoundGate, Bernafon offers many of the same wireless benefits as some of the other hearing aid manufacturers. These great features can also be found on some of our other hearing aids. To learn more about finding the best hearing loss solution for you, simply give us a call – we are more than happy to help you with all your hearing needs.

Hearing aids through Advanced Hearing

Bernafon is just one example of a hearing aid manufacturer that is taking advantage of modern technology and passing the benefits along to people just like you. With Advanced Hearing, you have many options to choose from! We carry the best modern hearing aids on the market at competitive prices. What’s great about our services is that we help you understand how hearing aids can dramatically change the way you hear the world.

Our consultants are personal guides, joining every customer on their journey toward better hearing. We equip you with all the necessary information about hearing loss and hearing aids, so that you are completely satisfied with your new devices once you purchase them. And best of all, our consultations are absolutely free!

Service from Advanced Hearing

With a Bernafon hearing aid, you are assured of the best technology, high quality and superior wearing comfort. Understanding sound well is no problem with the Bernafon Zerena hearing aids, among others. Do you have questions about the Bernafon range or do you want more information about a particular Bernafon hearing aid? Please contact our customer service. Our hearing specialists and hearing care professionals are ready to provide you with information.

In addition to our webshop, you can also visit our Advanced Hearing shop in Bangladesh. In addition to the Bernafon collection, Advanced Hearing shop also offers a range of well-known brands such as Audio Service and Resound hearing aids. Looking for hearing aid batteries and other accessories? You can also find them for any budget at the webshop of Advanced Hearing shop. Hearing aids can be worn almost invisibly nowadays. Do you have a hearing loss? Contact us and let us compare hearing aids, so we can find the perfect hearing aid for you. On the basis of our advice, we ensure that you can hear and understand well again!

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