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Interton GAIN 290 BTE (6 Channel) Hearing Aid Bangladesh by Advanced Hearing Center.


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Interton Gain offers great hearing experience at an affordable price.

It offers high gain, best-in-class feedback management and directionality options ensuring that customers get a powerful hearing experience. Power to the people with up to 144 dB SPL output and gain of up to 86 dB customers get lots of power.

Interton Gain provides great speech understanding without feedback and improves high frequency hearing for a richer hearing experience.

Interton Gain is protected with Nano Coating so customers can use it in all conditions and you can benefit from fewer repairs.

A volume control with numeric indicator and a push button ensure easy operation when changing settings.

Main key features of this hearing aids are –

Adaptive Noise Reduction

Reconfigurable as Linear or WDRC Sound Processing

Multi Channel MPO

Feedback manager

Data Logging

Number of Channels – 6

Environmental program Up to 3

Linear mode (Peak and Soft Compression)

Wide Dynamic Range Compression

Fixed Directionality to improve Speech Understanding

Nano Coating

Suitable for Severe to Profound hearing loss

Battery Size: 675 (Zinc Air)

Fitting Range: 60 -120 dB

Warranty: 24 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Battery Life: Approximately 170 – 180 hours