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312 (P-312) Size 6 Pcs Power One Hearing Aid Battery Bangladesh By (Advanced Hearing Center)


Additional information


Power One zinc air batteries are made in Germany by Varta Micro batteries. Power One batteries is regarded as one of Europe’s leading brands. The high and stable voltage level ensures long running times in high power and digital hearing devices. Power One batteries have extra long tabs for easy handling and insertion of the cell into the hearing device. Per packet 6 IEC PR70 size colour code yellow packaging rotary dial pack voltage (V) 1.4 chemical system zinc-air typical capacity (mash) 95 height(mm) 3.55 diameter (mm) 5.80.
Technical Details
Brand Power One by Varta
Model P312

Additional Features Mercury Free, 1.45V
Colour Screen No

Battery Cell Composition Zinc-Air
Includes Rechargeable Battery No
Includes Remote No