I would recommend Advanced Hearing Center to anyone with hearing loss. I would recommend them above any audiologists because they really take the time to provide the best service… its all about caring for people who have a hearing loss and giving them the support that they need and that’s what I saw from the minute I walked in the door.

And the ongoing support I would recommend to anyone to keep going back and use that support. I had 12 months of free service. I could come back when ever I wanted and not only would they be willing to see me again and adjust the aids if need be. But I was also provided with some services onsite in terms of changing equipment or providing me with extra products – things like that – things that I wasn’t able to get from other audiologist previously. They (hearing aids) needed to be sent away for weeks at a time if I ever needed a repair and I was really supported in that and it was mostly instantaneous service whenever I needed it which was exactly what you need with someone with hearing loss. You can’t go without your hearing aids for weeks at a time, it just doesn’t work.

So I really thank Advanced Hearing Center for that and I’d recommend them to anyone.

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