Signia, a Leader in Innovation

Signia has been developing technological and high-quality hearing systems for over 130 years. In more than 100 countries across the globe, the company helps people maintain their previous quality of life. As one of the largest and most innovative hearing aid brands, Signia paves the way in the development of technology, leading the industry in innovation.

The gadget brand of the hearing aid market is Signia. Signia used to be Siemens. Consumer electronics are increasingly shifting towards hearing aids and Signia is at the forefront of this. Signia appliances are constantly updated with the latest technological developments, which constantly improves the ease of use. Operating your Signia hearing aid with an app? You can! The myControl app has been developed especially for the control of your Siemens Signia hearing aid. This makes it easy to adjust the sound of a concert so you can hear comfortably and well. In addition, another help app has been developed for the Signia hearing aids. This is the myHearing app. This includes support tools. This way you will quickly get to know your new hearing aid and all its functionalities.

Speaking of ease of use, Signia also keeps up with the latest trend: charging on the go. This means that there are several Signia hearing aids that you can charge in your pocket while you’re on the move. Signia has also started this trend. The brand has the most experience of all hearing aid brands in the production of rechargeable hearing aids.

Signals for all types of hearing loss

Slight or severe hearing loss? In the Signia range you will find a perfect solution for every degree of hearing loss. Even for tinnitus, Signia has hearing solutions with the various Siemens hearing aids they offer. With the added Notch Therapy feature, Signia hearing aids are able to reduce or even eliminate tinnitus. In addition to unique apps and accessories, Signia also has unique hearing aids with great features.

Signia’s products have been providing innovative solutions for customers for years. Their wide range of devices offer relief for every person who experiences from hearing loss. From BTE (Behind-the-ear)to ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids, they have a solution to your particular hearing ailment.

One of the most exciting features is their ability to dampen disruptive ambient noise, so that you can obtain maximum comprehension. Thanks to their Nx technology, the innovative hearing aids process a perfect balance between natural sound and speech intelligibility. Through outstanding innovation in microphone technology, the Signia hearing aids also convey an impressive, three-dimensional “tapestry” of sounds. You won’t miss anything! The two worn hearing aids intercommunicate, and their directional microphones are able to localize sources of sound in the room and appropriately amplify them via the loudspeakers in the ear. Signia’s devices has simplified hearing for people with hearing impairment for more than 130 years.

Signia hearing aids

The Signia brand designs hearing aids in which you receive natural sounding sounds. In the past, you might be able to hear better, but the sound of the voice might be distorted, for example. With all the wonderful technological developments, this is no longer the case! Well-known series of hearing aids from Signia are the Signiasilk, SigniaPure, the Signia Motion and the Signia Styletto Connect. In addition, there are several Signia accessories that increase the ease of use of the hearing aids.

Modern Connectivity Through Easytek

The Signia connectivity device, easyTek, provides simple operation of their latest hearing aids wirelessly connecting them to your TV, smartphones, any many other Bluetooth-capable devices. Once connected, the sound is transmitted via Bluetooth®. Volume, programs, and audio sources can be controlled with an iOS and Android app. The numerous options and programmable settings are essential additions to your hearing aids, creating a seamless, pleasurable experience.


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